Temporary cofferdams are sometimes needed when working in areas under water. Water-Gate temporary cofferdams are used to isolate and temporarily dry a work area to ensure the safety of workers. They are versatile and very simple to use. Many users consider is to be the fastest and safer temporary cofferdam in the market. In addition, minimal equipment is required for the installation.

Temporary cofferdams make it significantly easier to work in hydrous areas because they allow workers to operate in a dry environment. Pumps, weirs, pipelines, and other equipment can be used with temporary cofferdams so that the water flows freely while the work is being done.

There are many cofferdams available on the market. It is nonetheless important to opt for a solution that does not harm the water quality, wildlife, or surrounding areas when the equipment is installed or taken down or the area is restored.


  • Temporary cofferdam
  • Bridge repair
  • River dewatering
  • Other