Flood deployment crates – Rapid intervention

Water-Gate flood barriers can be supplied pre-joined in deployment crates for fast deployment, enabling maximum efficiency in time and manpower. The deployment crates enable covering long distances within a few minutes. This low-cost solution is simply the perfect tool for large deployment in flash flood situation.

Equipped with wheels that facilitate Water-Gate’s barriers transport and deployment, the deployment crates enable to cover on average, more than 300 ft. (100 m) of flood barriers.

Flash flood, a race against the clock

When a flood occurs, the time factor plays a major role since all resources are mobilized to reduce flooding and limit the damages. Therefore, good management of this parameter will enable to optimize more again the chances of restricting damages caused to property and potentially saving lives.

According to an article published in the USA Today, “water moving at 10 miles an hour exerts the same pressure as wind gusts of 270 miles per hour“.

Fastest deployment system on the market

Water-Gate flood deployment crates are highly appreciated by users. It is the fastest deployment system on the market.

Built according to our highest manufacturing standards, they enable to save time and money and are adaptable to different situations.

Customize your deployment crates to fit your needs

Water-Gate flood deployment crates are customizable. They can be equipped with wheels, set on a trailer, truck bed or directly on a forklift.

Our flood protection barriers and deployment crates are reusable. Just clean the barriers with fresh water, hang to dry, join the barriers together with the Velcro attachment system and store back in its crate for future use. The crates also provide a solution to the storage of the barriers.

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